** ** ** ** Food is our biggest, most powerful tool to fight against disease and ailment within the body ** ** ** **

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Our new Plant-Based Tattoo Masterclass is at the bottom! Showcasing how you can use raw food to increase the quality of your art & client interactions!

The Ultimate Raw Vegan Masterclass!

This masterclass will help you avoid any mistakes on your journey to a raw vegan lifestyle! This is the most in-depth raw vegan guide there is! 


An introductory video


A 29-page Raw Vegan transition e-book! 

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Versatile raw vegan, oil-free sauces that will light up your meals!

7-Day Vibrant Raw Challenge!

Where we guide you through 7 days of eating fully raw plant-based!

You get: a 7-day meal plan, a guide to raw vegan kitchen essentials, and inspiration guide, and a guide to sourcing fresh produce in your area!

Take the plunge! Your body will thank you later! 

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8 Ways to Better Tattooing with Raw Food!

Long term tattoo artists and nutrition coaches go over the key aspects that you should be aware of if you are looking to reverse chronic pains that plague tattoo artists (and artists as well), maybe you're looking to reverse chronic health issues that are keeping you from creating at your best? Maybe you want to have a better connection to Source energy in order to call in more creative ideas? Or, maybe you just want to learn how to increase the longevity of your career and your art, naturally? We cover it all for you in our 8-video series and 40-page e-book!


 An 8-Video Series, delivered over the course of 3 days


A 40-page Tattoo Longevity with Raw Food E-book!