** ** ** ** Food is our biggest, most powerful tool to fight against disease and ailment within the body ** ** ** **


Have you ever felt like a prisoner in your own body?


Are you yearning for more within this life?


More happiness, more health, more abundance, more safety within your body?


Well, what is holding you back?


Fear, uncertainty, and low self-esteem make it hard for us to picture the best version of ourselves. Which makes it impossible to reach that vision of your best self. 


Making you feel like it is not possible, maybe even making you feel as if you don't deserve that version of yourself. BUT YOU DO. 


You deserve vibrant health, to live out your passions in a fully aligned, pain-free way that nourishes your soul and fuels your body to be the best that you can be at every moment.


If you are dealing with or have ever dealt with chronic health issues, chronic pain or inflammation, anxiety, depression or overwhelm. You know how hard it can be to move forward, feel inspired or even just think in a more positive way. If you have ever dealt with this, you know what it's like to feel stuck, like you have no control.


We have healed our chronic ailments through juice fasting and a high raw, plant-based lifestyle.


We want to help you do the same!


We know that changing your habits can be daunting, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We aren't going to ask you to drop everything and eat only raw food, but we are going to encourage you to eat as much raw food as possible. Even if that is only one raw meal or snack per day. Making changes in small increments makes HUGE strides towards your artistic, spiritual and personal evolution.


All disease (dis-ease) in the human body is caused by an accumulation of acidic buildup, toxic environments, toxic thoughts and overlooking the innate laws of nature.
 We show you how to heal by eliminating your chronic pain and inflammation, reviving your mindset, helping you thrive in all areas of life and find your purpose through a more holistic way of living aligned with your values.

Kat - Somatic Embodiment with Raw Food

Kat has been on a whirlwind healing journey for over a decade. After being vegan for 6 years decided to dive into the world of raw food. After almost 2 years of consuming all raw plant foods and reversing all health issues, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. And realizing the intense connection between our bodies ability to speak to us (and connect to the universe) and how clean it is. Our bodies speak to us louder when our bodies are clean and detoxified. Otherwise there is too much junk in the way for us to hear what it has to say.

Also specializing in Tattoo Health and Longevity, Somatic Embodiment and Raw Food Nutrition. Combining Raw Food Nutrition with Somatic body-work will drastically assist in breaking through potential energetic or emotional blockages and is going to skyrocket your healing.

Shaun-Earth Energy Integration Specialist

After almost 2 years on an all raw plant based diet, Shaun has overcome absorption issues, hair loss, reversed anxiety and depression and also overcome addictive habits. Shaun has always been fascinated with how the earth energies themselves work. Especially manifestation and natural law. These all can be tapped into much easier when our bodies are cleansed and able to receive these universal frequencies. We must work with Nature in order to get what we desire. If we are always working against it, we get no where.

Also specializing in Tattoo Health and Longevity, Habit Reformation and Raw Food Nutrition. Combining Earth Energy Integration and/or Habit Reformation with Raw Food Nutrition and they all play off of each other. They all strengthen each other. 

Once Shaun and Kat realized how becoming so dedicated to their healing and personal/spiritual growth influenced the quality of their work and life experiences, they wanted to inspire you to do the same.


Shaun and I (Kat) are tattoo artists, shop owners and holistic nutritionists. (What a combo!) 

We have had a rollercoaster of a healing journey. Healing from chronic illness, chronic pain and inflammation and a toxic mind state. All of which were hindering our ability to create tattoos and art in the ways that we desired to.

Together we have over 10 years of knowledge in Holistic Health and Personal Development and over 25 years of tattoo experience combined. We have learned a great deal on our journey and are always on the search for more ways to expand our knowledge on these life-changing topics. We have sifted through a lot of junk information and tried various "healing diets," only to end up feeling like we should give up on healing entirely. However, falling into the world of juice fasting, raw food, meditation, somatics and mindfulness has completely shifted our health to the other side of the spectrum. We finally had reached a level of health and vibrancy that we have never experienced before. We finally regained control of our health and longevity!

 We developed a deep appreciation for the healing powers of raw plant foods, natural herbal medicines, the power of tapping into the body and strengthening our connection with the world around us. 

We found a way of living that is fully aligned with our goals and values and that changed the way that we move through life, the way that we tattoo, the way that we interact with clients and people in general.

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Meagan S.

‚ÄúShaun and Kat are amazing raw vegan coaches! Their story and their journey makes them experts in this realm and I can trust that they speak the truth because they speak from firsthand experience. Their commitment to the raw vegan lifestyle and the incredible support system they've developed with RVR empowered me to join them on this journey and I couldn‚Äôt be happier!‚ÄĚ

Aundrea P.

"Kat and Shaun have been a Godsend! I have been struggling with my health for almost 10 years. Having random bouts of nausea upon eating, increasing joint pain, my hips were awful and always locked up. I barely went a day without a headache or some kind of pain in my body. Along with dealing with unbearable anxiety and fertility issues for the past few years, most likely from my long-term candida and low self-worth.

Thanks to these 2 I have finally started showing signs of healing. Most of my symptoms are reversing themselves! And that's just from working with them for a few months! Started with their 40-day juice fast protocol. Now I'm HOOKED! Raw foodie for LIFE! Thanks a million!!!"