** ** ** ** Food is our biggest, most powerful tool to fight against disease and ailment within the body ** ** ** **

Going back to Nature. Getting Your Life Back.

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How the Raw Vegan Diet Transforms Your Life

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How to Build Muscle


Gain Unlimited Energy

Eliminate Anxiety

Losing Weight

The Human Diet

Transit Time

Extend Your Life & Passions

 Increase Your Ability to Hold More Stress

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Here's what we can help You with! -

  • Healing and reversing most chronic illnesses.
  • Preventing disease & illness.
  • Losing that stubborn extra weight
  • Gut cleansing
  • Juice fasting, the right way
  • Eliminating cravings and addictions (Sugar, carbs, alcohol, & more)
  • Emotional/stress eating
  • Accountability with a like-minded community
  • Regaining self-worth and self-control
  • Teaching you how to eat intuitively
  • Finding trustworthy resources for expanding your knowledge of Holistic Healing
  • Learning to grocery shop cost effectively as a plant-based eater
  • Teaching you how to use herbal mixtures in your daily life.
  • Showing you how to connect more fully with Self and the world around you.

-And SO much more.


Meet our coaches below!

We have healed our chronic ailments through juice fasting and a raw, plant-based lifestyle.

We want to help you do the same! We know something like this is hard to do alone, but we want you to know that you're not alone.


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All disease (dis-ease) in the human body is caused by an accumulation of acidic buildup (mucous, toxins, acids) collected from day-to-day life. (Diet is a main contributor here)
 We show you how to heal by eliminating your acidic buildup, thrive in all areas of life, and help you find your purpose through a Raw Vegan lifestyle.

Kat - Somatic Embodiment with Raw Food

Kat has been on a whirlwind healing journey for over a decade. After being vegan for 6 years decided to dive into the world of raw food. After almost 2 years of consuming all raw plant foods and reversing all health issues, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. And realizing the intense connection between our bodies ability to speak to us (and connect to the universe) and how clean it is. Our bodies speak to us louder when our bodies are clean and detoxified. Otherwise there is too much junk in the way for us to hear what it has to say.

Also specializing in Tattoo Health and Longevity, Women's Wellness and Raw Food Nutrition. Combining Raw Food Nutrition with Somatic work will drastically assist in breaking through potential energetic or emotional blockages and is going to sky rocket your healing.

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Shaun-Earth Energy Integration Specialist

After almost 2 years on an all raw plant based diet, Shaun has overcome absorption issues, hair loss, reversed anxiety and depression and also overcome addictive habits. Shaun has always been fascinated with how the earth energies themselves work. Especially manifestation and natural law. These all can be tapped into much easier when our bodies are cleansed and able to receive these universal frequencies. We must work with Nature in order to get what we desire. If we are always working against it, we get no where.

Also specializing in Tattoo Health and Longevity, Habit Reformation and Raw Food Nutrition. Combining Earth Energy Integration and/or Habit Reformation with Raw Food Nutrition and they all play off of each other. They all strengthen each other. 

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Helping others regain their Health, Freedom and Vitality with raw plant-based food!


Shaun and Kat have become so dedicated to their healing that they wanted to inspire you to do the same.


Both Kat and Shaun have had a rollercoaster of a healing journey. Over their combined 10 years of knowledge in Health and Personal Development, they have learned a great deal of information. They have sifted through a lot of junk information and tried various "healing diets," feeling as if they should give up on healing themselves. However, juice fasting and the removal of mucoid plaque unexpectedly jumpstarted their healing journeys. They have developed a deep appreciation for the healing powers of raw plant foods, natural herbal medicines, and strengthening their connection with the world around them. Sharing their healing process with you has become their purpose work!

What Do We Have to Offer?



Monthly or Yearly Memberships

Start off by joining our community! Both Yearly and Monthly options are great to get you started on your new life path. We offer more resources in our yearly membership as an incentive to invest in yourself and your future. Here we have the most abundant reference section for Plant-Based healing and Spiritual growth at your fingertips. Along with a Private Facebook Group for ultimate accountability!


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1:1 Coaching Calls


Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance. We will go over the details of your journey, where you're lacking, and where you can adjust. We are here to answer your questions, clarify your concerns, or just help lift you up on your journey. We also include and detailed overview of your adjusted trajectory.


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We have a library of information for you once you join. From downloadable PDFs, Video Courses, Recipes, Guided Meditations, DIY Spiritual Practices to help you align with your highest being, and more! 


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This online Raw Vegan (Raw Plant-based) membership program focuses on Holistic Health, healing from chronic illnesses and Personal/Spiritual Development. We aim to help you align with your highest selves, find your purpose and take back control of your health, your lives, your success, and your spirituality.

Meagan S.

“Shaun and Kat are amazing raw vegan coaches! Their story and their journey makes them experts in this realm and I can trust that they speak the truth because they speak from firsthand experience. Their commitment to the raw vegan lifestyle and the incredible support system they've developed with RVR empowered me to join them on this journey and I couldn’t be happier!”

Aundrea P.

"Kat and Shaun have been a Godsend! I have been struggling with my health for almost 10 years. Having random bouts of nausea upon eating, increasing joint pain, my hips were awful and always locked up. I barely went a day without a headache or some kind of pain in my body. Along with dealing with unbearable anxiety and fertility issues for the past few years, most likely from my long-term candida and low self-worth.

Thanks to these 2 I have finally started showing signs of healing. Most of my symptoms are reversing themselves! And that's just from working with them for a few months! Started with their 40-day juice fast protocol. Now I'm HOOKED! Raw foodie for LIFE! Thanks a million!!!"